As part of our charitable commitment we have a Bursary Scheme to support successful applicants to join the choir and engage in singing tuition to develop their enjoyment and skills in singing.

For detailed information on the Crowborough Choral Society CIO Bursary Scheme and how to apply, click here.

There is also a singing tuition scheme for existing members. For information about the Members Singing Tuition Scheme click here, and for an application form for Members Singing Tuition click here.

To apply for the Bursary, please complete the application form below. When you are happy with your responses click the “Submit” button. You will receive confirmation that your submission has been successful.

Please indicate on which date you would prefer to attend a rehearsal as part of the application process (we rehearse on Wednesdays during term time). The confirmation you receive will indicate whether it is possible for you to attend the rehearsal on your preferred date.