Next week we have Andrew Campling joining us so we will be mainly rehearsing the Campling. Please make sure you revise what we have done so far. We have yet to do the Women’s chorus ‘Mon Dieu, Prete-moi l’oreille’ and will do this at 9.30 pm, as Andrew Campling has to leave just before 9.30 pm to get the 9.44 pm train back to London.

Just to reiterate re concert dress for the Community Festival concert this Saturday 20 October: for the men, black trousers, black long-sleeved shirt, NO tie, top button undone, tucked in; and for the ladies, smart black trousers and long-sleeved black top. We are all to wear poppies. Fortunately, member Jane Bell has contacts with the British Legion and has obtained a box of poppies which will be available at the rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. Please remember to bring some cash to make a donation for your poppy (the British Legion suggest £1).

For the rehearsal on Saturday please arrive at Beacon Academy (main hall) by 2.45 pm for seating, to start at 3 pm. Mark hopes to release the choir by 5.30 pm at the latest – hopefully by 5 pm. Please be back at 7  pm for the performance at 7.30 pm.

Concert Saturday 20 October and rehearsal schedule Wednesday 24 October