Following enquiries from several of you, just to clarify, there is no need to print out the revisions to West Side Story unless you prefer to have the music in long score, and if you are a bass and prefer to have your part in the in the bass clef! Otherwise, you can use your original score, as follows:

In bars 99-131 and 154-173 the Sops just sing the top melody line, and the rest of the choir sing the alto line in their suitable register, which is the line at the bottom of the treble stave.

BUT there are minor changes to the notation as follows which you need to mark in your scores:

Bar 109: note stays on an F rather than going up to an A on the second beat.

Bar 112: last note an E rather than an F#

Bar 119: An E rather than a G

Bar 124: Stay on the F rather than changing to a C

Bar 164: Stay on an F natural rather than going up to an A

Bars 166-7: the notes on ‘Is co-ming’ are E, E, G


Hopefully, al this is clear, and will ultimately make it easier to sing!

For a printable PDF of the notes above, click here

Notes on changes to West Side Story