Crowborough Choral Society is twinned with Rellinger Kantorei. Members of the Rellinger Kantorei joined us in March 2007 for a performance of Brahms’ German Requiem at All Saints in Crowbrough, and in October 2008 we joined them for a performance of the same work in Rellingen. For the programme of that concert, (in German as it took place in the Rellinger Kirche) click here.

Crowborough Choral Society is also proud to have hosted The Wolf River Singers from Memphis, Tennessee.

Crowborough Choral Society is a member of Making Music.

Click on the play button on the video below to hear Crowborough Choral Society singing an impromptu encore to a concert in St Michael’s Church, Budapest, which was shared with the Zrínyi Miklós Egyetemi Énekkar choir.