Next week we will revise the ‘Confitebur tibi’ (p 39) and look at ‘Hodie completi sunt’ (p 16), plus ‘Alma redemptoris Mater’ (p 1) if there is time. We will also look at the ‘Gratias agimus tibi/Propter magnam gloriam’ and the ‘Domine fili unigenite’ from the Vivaldi.

Rehearsal tracks are available on the Audio page on the website:

As discussed, there are a few errata in the printed score:

Confitebur tibi

  • Bar 15: ‘justorum’ not rem
  • Bar 67: Tenor part is a third too low. Errata strips will be available for the tenors to stick in their scores on Wednesday!
  • Bar 106: Bass part is a G not an A

Hodie completi sunt

  • Bar 27-28: Bass Bb is tied.
Learning tracks and rehearsal schedule Wednesday 15 January